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Logo de la Federación Nacional de Cacaoteros de Colombia - Fondo Nacional del Cacao
Número 60 de color dorado que indica los 60 años de vida de la Federación Nacional de Cacaoteros de Colombia
Imagen en donde se observan cinco vainas de cacao que cuelgan de una rama.


Ilustración a blanco y negro en donde se observa una vaina de cacao que cuelga de una rama.


with all the parameters and norms defined by the Directive Committee for the subscription of the cocoa price stabilization agreements.

To guarantee

the correct documentary management of the relevant and important information of the FEPCACAO.


compliance with the operating regulations and methodology established for compensation or transfer operations.


updated the information published on the FEPCACAO website.

To make a toast

advice and support to exporters with the procedures of the Cocoa Price Stabilization Fund.


with all the regulations applicable to the Cocoa Price Stabilization Fund.


exporters no later than the 21st of each month the result of the stabilization mechanism of export operations filed with the FEPCACAO.


daily behavior of the price of cocoa and inform the Steering Committee about changes in trends that may affect the Stabilization Fund or exporters, so that decisions are made in a timely manner.


the payment of compensation to exporters or the collection of assignments within the parameters defined in the Operating Regulations.


the  information requested from all  control bodies and the general public, on all the actions of the Stabilization Fund, taking into account the document management procedure for delivery this.

Carry out

correctly  the mathematical calculations for the determination of the FEPCACAO price range.


clear and timely communication with all government agencies and exporters.


within the first five business days of each month the price range of the previous month.

To guarantee

the correct management of all the resources available to the Cocoa Price Stabilization Fund.

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